About Us

Welcome to Nutritive Vitality, LLC – Your Place for Trusted Health and Fitness Supplements!


I am Mike Carrington, creator of Nutritive Vitality, LLC and passionate advocate of conscious living and healthy lifestyles.

Through years of working in the fitness industry, I developed a passion for a healthy lifestyle and fitness. Being an avid athlete and involved in various sports throughout my life, I soon realized that it was my life’s goal to share my knowledge and passion with others, in order to help make a difference in the world. 

Thus, I have created this business in an effort to inspire others towards a healthy lifestyle and contribute to the attainment of our consumers’ fitness goals.


I believe that it is truly important to re-evaluate the role of nutrition in our lives and start looking for effective ways to maintain our bodies in perfect shape, without compromising health. All my products are based on this belief - this is why I ensure that my supplements contain only the most powerful and safest ingredients that are carefully selected with utmost attention to detail.

Rather than using unreliable, proprietary blends with questionable effects, my nutritional supplements are engineered according to the highest health standards in facilities that are compliant with the Good Manufacturing Practice regulations enforced by the FDA.

This is why my products ensure 100% purity, effectiveness, and safety. My products consistently outperform competition, proving that thousands of satisfied customers can’t be wrong.

I am proud to say that Nutritive Vitality is the outcome of a life devoted to helping others reach their fitness goals and lead a happy and fulfilling life. My nutritional supplements offer exactly that:

Clean, natural, and high quality ingredients that can deeply nourish the body with vitality and life, allowing us to experience the state of health and wellness that we were born to enjoy.